Get High and Get Naked

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By Shanequa Nelson and Christopher R Rice

Everyday I receive emails and text from woman all over the world, some as local as the city I live in and some as far away as Greece or Puerto Rico asking me how to have their own gangbang / sex parties. They are not looking at getting paid, their only interest is in fulfilling a fantasy in a safe place.

So.... (if you just want to get laid or have a Sexi Party)

What's wrong with Craigslist? Stings, police, scams, fakes, flakes, spam.

What's wrong with Stings, police, scams, pimps and prostitution.

What's wrong with Dating sites? Fake profiles, traditional relationship boundaries, striking-out.

What's wrong with bars or clubs? Have to be home w/SO, diseases, striking-out.

What's the solution? Swinging.

What's the catch? Traditional swinging has always had one draw back: no singles.

Traditionally, to gain entry and to be able to fuck other guys girls you have to bring a girl to swap. Huge prob if you're single or cheating on your spouse. Having to bring a girl has cock blocked a lot of Swingers.

But, what about all of the women, of various ages, sizes, races and all walks of life that want to explore and fulfill their fantasies in a safe, no pressure environment?

A place where 'no means no', but you can still get as crazy as you want without worrying about anyone taking it to a level you're not comfortable with or ready for.

Where you can play out any (gangbang /BDSM /threesome) fantasy and have your boundaries agreed to beforehand and respected, such as no anal or CIM.

And, you know without question that your boundaries will be respected by everyone because everyone knows that if you don't respect everyone you will be asked to leave and never return.

The prob with the police and prostitution stings can be solved by not charging for sex.

That's what makes it illegal. So first thing, don't charge for sex and we get the cops, pimps and prostitutes out. Prob solved.

Next prob? Getting singles in. Solution? Singles pay dues of 100. to enter. Membership is free and will be revoked if you disrespect anyone at any time, no exceptions. Singles dues will be used for rent so that the club /party house can be open 24/7. This way those that have to work or have spouses can still go to the club at their convenience as opposed to having to wait for the next party and maybe your available, maybe not. (Discounts for military and felons.)

Other probs? Fakes, scams, flakes, striking out. Not an issue, everyone's there to get high and get naked. You will never strike out again.

What about diseases? Everyone must wear condoms or bring recent test results no exceptions.

Each room in a house will serve different fantasies and fetishes. Some smoking, some non smoking. You must bring your own booze, towel and condoms. You can stay as long as you like and leave when you please.

Members must be over 21 years of age and show state ID.

Each member will be assigned a locker. You can leave your clothes on or put them in the locker as soon as you arrive. Bring your own lock.

I'm selling franchises to XTC Swingers parties. Requirements will be your ability to host 24/7 and retain bouncers. A 3 (or more) bedroom house is required. I'll provide my email and phone list of woman and men in your area that have already signed up. And I will advertise your location on, Twitter, Facebook and everywhere else. 

OUR MOTTO: I'll get high and fuck all that I want to. Any cops or religious nuts that are jealous should just go back to stuffin' your stupid faces with donuts and leave the rest of us alone. You sexless pathetic public servants and priest should get a real job and stop sucking on the public tit. Try working for a living you lazy worthless bastards. 

To attend an XTC Swingers Party simply send your info to

for free life time membership.

Info req...






Your availability: mornings, noon or evenings, weekdays or weekends.

Phone and email:

best time/way to contact you: 

Bring: donation, towel, lock and condoms to gain entry.   

Or click HERE to see if there's a party going on where you live RIGHT NOW!

Find your city / state, click link, call and come over.